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Online Shopping 

Delivery services

Wholesale distribution

Retail shops

Kipchimatt have a wholesale distribution network which services all the areas our reatil stores are located in. This service is to assist the SME, small reatailers. We also service and supply to kiosks. 

Kipchimatt has its own online shopping app where the consumer can purchases online.

Kipchimat has 5 retail outlets which offers all the product as per our product list below, OUr stores are situated in Brook, Bomet, Kericho and Olenguruone

Kipchimatt has a delivery network especialy for our wholesale buyers and consumers using our online store. Feel free to contact us for more information regaurding this service.

- Flour & Salts

- Tealeafs & Coffee

- Oils & Fats

- Rice & Pasta

- Beverages &


- Soups &


- Toiletries

- Cleaning products

- Beauty and hair for the ladies

- Meat from our 


- frozen deli meets 

  from various 


- Dairy Products

- Fresh Fruit &


- Bakery

  * Freshly baked

    bread everyday

  * Freshly baked

    cakes and some

   delicasies for the sweet toothed.

- Women Clothing

- Men's Clothing

- Baby & Todler

  clothing & accessories

- Shoes

- Bedding & Linnen

- Mattresses

- Home decor

- Kitchen suplies &


- Home plastics /

  buckets etc.

- Basic Hardware for the  DIY

- Tv'  & Sound systems

- Cookers & Fridges

- Electronic accessories



- Toys

- Decor

- Cellphones &


- Watches

- Dress juwelry


Fresh Produce

Clothing & Home

Electroinics Hardware