Best Price


We work very hard to deliver our products at the best possible price to the consumer. and we know on average you as client walk out of our stores with a saving. We also have regular spacials to make sure you as client enjoys the best shopping 



All our Perishable products are checked and restocked dailly to make sure you as client enjoyes just the freshest products. The bakery bakes daily and just the freshest delicacies are on display and sold.

Why Kipchimatt?



Our shelves are monitored and we make sure we stock and store sufficient product to ensure you as client will always find what your came to shop for. We also enquire from our clients what we need to aquire incase we not carrying your needed product. Please feel free to request from the store managers.

At your door step


We deliver for our clients. Please feel free to also download our new mobile online store for your convenience. Also contact us for more information on our wholse store and deliveries. Also download our Kipchimatt Supermarket App. The Google play link supplied at bottom of page.